Project Engineer

Adam is a Project Engineer, working on Murrumbateman Abode Hotel.

What does your role encompass?
My role encompasses a wide variety of tasks, including the design stage of the project where I will work with the Project Manager and Site Manager by attending meetings with designers, consultants, subcontractors, site teams and clients. During the design stage, I work on project procurement by completing a number of tenders and reviewing all quotes, along with signing off their EHS plan and SWMS. As part of the safety and administrative section of my role I will assist in the development of the PMP, including site rules and emergency procedures while ensuring that all subcontractors are aware of their PMP requirements. While on site I will manage and forecast costs for a number of trades assigned to me by the project manager, which typically include concrete supply and reinforcement supply plus scheduling of the reinforcement.

Why do you like working for GEOCON?
I enjoy working for GEOCON as it’s a young and progressive company but still has skilled and motivated workers.

What’s the best thing about your role?
With GEOCON being a developer/building company, I am able to work on a variety of high and low-rise residential units and commercial buildings from early in the design stage to completion of the project. This gives me a full picture of the building and construction industry.

What opportunities have you been given?
The best opportunity has definitely been the chance to work on Canberra’s tallest residential building, Wayfarer.

How does management and GEOCON assist in your growth?
With it being a progressive company, I am always afforded opportunities to not just learn new skills but to be able to see them implemented into projects/work processes.

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