Building Cadet

Luke is a Building Cadet, working at Southport in Tuggeranong.

What does your role encompass?
I am a Building Cadet for GEOCON, while training to be a foreman, studying at CIT and working part-time for the company.

Why do you like working for GEOCON?
Everyone gets along really well and there is a great team environment where everyone works together to get the job done. There are pathways and training opportunities set up by the company to help enhance your skills.

What’s the best thing about your role?
Being onsite and watching everything come together on time and efficiently because you get to work with all different trades and learn new things every day.

What opportunities have you been given?
I have been given the opportunity to study at CIT while working part-time. This allows me to get all my study done and enables me to apply the theoretical experience I have learnt at CIT to practical hands-on work in the field. I am given set jobs during the week and opportunities to take things on myself with help from management. This provides a good sense of accomplishment. I have also been asked if there was any type of training I would like to do, which is a good opportunity to learn new skills.

How does management and GEOCON assist in your growth?
Everyone is very helpful and runs me through things that I don’t know. They explain things very well and I have had a few chats with people in management regarding my growth within the company and what the next steps for me will be.

Starting out as a Construction Worker and also doing labouring jobs throughout my life, I have always had something to do with the construction industry and like to get hands-on and to be out in the field. I enjoy watching the building progress and meeting deadlines. I feel that I am best suited to moving towards a foreman/site manager role as I just generally find it a bit more interesting.

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