Cadet Project Engineer

Moumita is a Cadet Project Engineer, working on Republic in Belconnen.

What does your role encompass?
My day-to-day activities range from studying current processes, calling in quotes for packages, discussing package requirements with prospective vendors, evaluating proposals and drafting letters, scopes and minutes of meetings.

Why do you like working for GEOCON?
It is exciting to be a part of this dynamic team! I feel that the timing is lucky because I have been able to start during the early stages of Republic and that gives me the opportunity to see the project get off the ground.

What’s the best thing about your role?
I get exposure to all the processes the project team is involved in and that helps me get a broader picture of the organisation and the management. Since my engineering degree, I have always worked in construction companies in India so I am excited to explore the Australian industry and I think GEOCON, as a fast-paced organisation, is the best place to start.

What opportunities have you been given?
From the beginning, I was given opportunities to contact prospective suppliers directly. It feels good to be able to talk about Republic on behalf of GEOCON. I have been trusted to draft up important contract documents and be a part of design and project review meetings.

How does management and GEOCON assist in your growth?
Each and every team member at GEOCON is extremely supportive and inclusive. I am offered information and help constantly. Management supports me with their open-mindedness towards my suggestions and that makes me more confident. I am developing my communication skills and have been constantly mentored by management.

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