Cadet Project Engineer

Seamus is a Cadet Project Engineer, working at Infinity in Gungahlin.

What does your role encompass?
My role at GEOCON encompasses many different aspects of construction, from planning and tendering to coordination and organisation of certain trades. I’m also responsible for quality control of the finished product and managing it in the specified timeframe.

Why do you like working for GEOCON?
I like working for GEOCON as it is a tightknit company where everyone turns up with the expectation of getting work done to the highest quality so we produce some of the ACT’s most iconic buildings.

What’s the best thing about your role?
There are many things I consider to be the best about my role at GEOCON but the top two would be having a strong sense of accomplishment and the constant learning.

What opportunities have you been given?
Being a university student, I’m really grateful for the opportunity GEOCON has provided me to further my knowledge while working under some very experienced and capable mentors.

How does management and GEOCON assist in your growth?
Being able to take on the role I have at GEOCON requires a massive amount of responsibility and this has helped me develop better communication and organisation skills.

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