The environmental choice without the price tag

8 December 2014

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability can be seen throughout our developments and stands as solid proof that we take our environmental impact seriously.

We pride ourselves on bringing the best in environmentally sustainable products to the market. As an example of this, is of course our hotel, Abode Woden, which was transformed from government building, Juliana House.

Another example is our reuse of the original bricks used in the homes at our site Chelsea in O’Connor. Not only does this pay homage to the region’s history but it is an example of our commitment to recycling and finding ways to bring quality products to the market, whilst remaining affordable and with our environmental impact at the forefront of our plans.

In using innovative ideas and continuously researching and keeping up to date in the latest sustainability products in our market, we have found ways to eliminate the risk of excess cost whilst preserving and protecting the environment. We can then bring quality products to the market that won’t cost you everything to secure your piece of it.

Our vision has always been to continuously pursue improvement in our environmental performance. In addition to our research and brainstorming ideas, we conduct all our operations in accordance with relevant legislation, provide the correct and necessary training and information sharing of sustainable practices to effectively work as a team and ensure all aspects of our business processes are in keeping with preserving the environment and being beneficial for the community.

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