Why we love fruit trees

1 December 2014

Home gardeners love to grow pears, partially because they are sweet tasting, and perhaps the easiest fruit tree to grow. You can enjoy the unique flavours of fresh-picked, home grown fruit at Observatory Living from your very own pear grove.

Growing pear trees is easy. Once your new pear grove is planted, it should grow well with little or no attention. Like other plants, pruning established trees is healthy for them. It results in a bigger crop and more delicious fruit to enjoy.

Pears get far less attention than other fruits. Yet, they are sweet and tasty, and nutritious. Like apples, they are long keepers, if picked when still green. When kept in a cool location, they will last for months.

Growing tip; prune in areas where growth is very bushy. This will increase sunlight and air penetration, to help the overall health and growth of the tree.

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